7 Simplest Rooftop Terrace Design To Transform Your Space

Homifine.com -- Having a private open space is one of the easy ways to bring happiness at home. Relaxing and chatting in the open space are both fun things. If there is a rooftop space. It is a pity if it is left empty. You can use the rooftop to the maximum. The rooftop is the perfect place to relax. Especially with a charming view of the city.

If you're need of a reference, we've collected 7 simplest rooftop terrace design to transform your space here. Lets keep reading for complete information.

1. Rooftop terrace with attractive lighting


By using the appropriate lighting concept, you can create the desired atmosphere. For a romantic and warm atmosphere, you can use a series of attractive light bulbs. Their light is warm white, which makes the rooftop even more cozy.

Don't forget to present a colorful ban bag as a place to relax with a refreshing view of nature.

2. Simple summer style rooftop design


Summer is coming soon, you can celebrate with a rooftop party. The rooftop design above is designed simply, not many decorations are used, because of the limited size. To welcome summer, you can add refreshing Chryanthemum decorations to make the rooftop more lively.

3. Outdoor dining room


Enjoying food outdoors will feel good. right? Designing a rooftop dining room is an interesting idea. The method is easy, you need to add chairs and tables as a place to eat. Do not forget to present beautiful flowers and plants. Simple, isn't it?

4. Rooftop with fireplace


The rooftop terrace is the perfect place t spend a weekend getaway. Moreover, the rooftop design is designed with complete facilities. To bring a warm and cozy atmosphere, you can add a simple fireplace. In addition to keeping you warm the rooftop display is even more elegant.

5. Beach-style rooftops


Designing a beach-style rooftop looks very aesthetic. In addition to enjoying a relaxing time, you can also bask in the sun. Do not forget about the presence of umbrellas, as decorations and make the space even more shaded.

6. Rooftop with sofa corner


Having an outdoor space with a small size is not a problem for you to create an attractive rooftop. A corner sofa becomes the focal point and will be able to be used as a peaceful relaxing place.

7. Cozy deck floor


The use of appropriate floors will make the rooftop even more charming. The rooftop example above uses an elegant wooden deck. The use of environmentally friendly materials will create a more homey atmosphere.

That's the review 7 simples rooftop terrace design to transform your space. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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