7 Unique Black Flowers that Will Give Your Garden an Extraordinary Look

7 Unique Black Flowers that Will Give Your  Garden an Extraordinary Look

Homifine.com -- A touch of plant color or ornamental flowers in black will give a dramatic and more elegant feel. With black flowers, uniqueness will be created in your yard and even your room. That's why the balance of plants at home needs to be created to have a complete impact. You can find some of these favorites in the list below:

Iris Germanica


For lovers of ornamental plants or black ornamental flowers, this germanica iris has beautiful flowers that can grow to about 37 inches with small leaves. Flowers of purple to dark purple almost black with erect coils look elegant and will bloom in late spring to early summer.



Perennial herbaceous evergreen spreading, these violaceas can be up to 5 inches tall with delicate flowers that are about 1 inch wide. This completely back flower with yellow eyes is bordered by a pretty purple ring. Will bloom long from spring to fall.



Hellebore is an ideal match for a shady forest garden. This plant produces striking cup-shaped flowers that range in color from black to deep purple. The 5 large petals on these flowers will bloom up to 4 inches wide and love partial to full shade.



Next up is the petunia, which is a perennial bedding plant that produces tall black velvet flowers. This plant is one of the deepest true black plants you can find from spring to autumn.

Rosa 'Black Baccara'


This black rose, which is considered the darkest rose ever, has a maroon to deep black color from the Rosa family. This annual plant has perennial yellow flowers and loves full sun with rich, well-drained soil.

Tacca Chantieri


This is a unique flower show and could be the flower you are looking for. Shaped like a flying bat, this plant is also commonly called the cat's whiskers plant. Including rare orchids with dark purple to black colors that have large leaves and are very attractive to own.

Heuchera Obsidian


This plant is also often called obsidian coral bells, which is one of the most beautiful black ornamental plants. Besides being attractive in containers, you can place them around the yard with container of flowers beds.

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