Create an amazing island in the garden - 8 beautiful inspirations -- Having a garden that is large enough is a blessing. However, if you feel that something is missing in the garden, try to create an amazing island in the garden. It's just a term for a garden center that makes a garden more well-designed and better. You can make an island in the garden in any shape you want, such as a flower bed, a special flower garden and so on. Find more ideas in the review of create an amazing island in the garden - 8 beautiful inspirations.

Amazing island - gravel bed garden design

Between  Naps on The Porch

The center of the garden looks empty? Complete it by making an island in the form of a gravel bed garden like this one. This gravel bed is filled not only with pebbles, but also low-key plants in refreshing purples and greens. The gravel bed can be accessed via a steeping stone that connects the island with a garden gazebo.

Amazing island - succulent island

Nadia Bagnolesi Marinangelo

Present a special island that makes your garden more valuable. For example, create a small island specifically for planting and displaying your various succulent collections. Many types of succulents grow well outdoors with direct sunlight and infrequent watering. Arrange your various succulent in unique plant holders and pot like these for a stunning garden island look.

Amazing island - bushes and tree in the garden


Imagine if the garden in front of this house did not have a garden island or garden center. Just a lawn will look boring. However, by presenting a garden island in the form of two different circles containing gravel, well-trimmed bushes and a tree, all this makes the garden more attractive and bring freshness.

Amazing island - patio garden


Besides plants, you can design a patio as a garden island. Paved-patio will be the best place to enjoy the atmosphere of the morning and evening in the garden. You just put the outdoor seating set for the patio. Make the patio connected to a stepping stone for easy access.

Amazing island - pergola and seating


Another garden island design that functions more as a place to relax. This is a garden island idea that you can apply to even a small garden. The frame of the pergola is overgrown with green vines and flowers that look beautiful in bloom. Enjoying tea at this place will offer a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Amazing island - paved patio and flowers

Better Homes and Gardens

Making a garden island like this is indeed a job that makes you have to invest a lot of things. However, you will get its own satisfaction when it is finished. This patio is really like an island surrounded by fresh water or pools. Around the patio looks fresh and colorful with a variety of plants and flowers blooming beautifully.

Amazing island - tropical garden island


Create a garden island in a dynamic form like this. Garden island will add a variety of shapes that make the garden more lively. You can fill it with a gravel bed, spilled-pot in a contrasting gravel color like this. Choose tropical plants to plant in the island area. Tropical plants such as palms for a cool tropical vibe.

Amazing garden - flowery garden island


At the beginning, don't worry if your garden island looks less attractive. Over time, a garden island with a variety of plants and flowers will look lush and pleasing to the eye. Instantly, you can use gravel to cover any exposed soil.

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