How to Propagate Snake Plant in Several Ways -- Plant propagation is a many of ways that are used to grow plants of the same type without having to buy them. Propagation of this plant can also be done in several ways that are popular among plant lovers. One of the plants that you can propagate is the snake plant. For some ways, see the following review on How to Propagate Snake Plants in Several Ways.



About Snake Plant


Snake plant is a group of plants that are difficult to die and have easy maintenance. The basic care for this snake plant is adequate indirect lighting, not too much water, and warm temperatures. Even this snake plant can survive even under conditions of neglect. In some situations, snake plants can also grow beautiful flowers.

Snake plant propagation


Plant propagation is usually done by taking parts belonging to the main plant which are then in a certain way intended to grow roots to be replanted in a different pot from the main plant. This plant propagation will be very suitable for those of you who like one type of plant in large quantities, because you don't need to spend money to buy it. Snake plant is one of the plants that you can propagate by using the stems of the leaves for the next step.

Propagation in water


The first method is the water method for snake plant propagation. First, you can cut the leaves that are near the base with a reverse V cut. Then, prepare a container filled with water. Do not add too much water, fill the water above the inverted V cut, but don't make it too submerged. Wait a few weeks for the roots to grow and can be planted in soil or left in water.



Propagation in soil


The same way can be done by cutting the leaves close to the base and leaving it 1-2 days to dry a little. Then, you can move it to the soil that you have prepared in the pot. Pay attention to the temperature in the soil so that it is not too moist and not too dry. This method will take longer to grow roots than the water propagation method.

Propagate snake plant by division


You can multiply the next plant by cutting some parts of the main plant. Unlike the previous method which only cut the leaves, in this method you have to cut the whole part including the leaves and roots. Then move it to a new pot to plant it like the main plant. This method is most recommended when you don't want to lose the beautiful color of the snake plant that you have.



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