How to Take Care of African Violet

How to Take Care of African Violet -- African violets are beautiful ornamental plants that look fun and can brighten up any room in the house. The color of this plant is quite diverse, between purple, pink or white. With the Latin name Saintpaulia Ionanthus, this plant loves the sun and acidic soil. With easy care details that you can apply at home, see the following How to Take Care of African Violet:


African violet care tips

You need to learn the care and cultivation of African violet to become an indoor plant, some treatments are regarding:



Potted plants to the ground are the most appropriate for African violet care. A good plant with a soil mixture of peat moss, vermiculite and perlite you can use in comparable amounts.

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Water is an important requirement for all types of plants. The African violet is no exception. But you need to be careful when watering this plant, because improper watering will damage this plant. You can water only the base of the plant, because the leaves are very susceptible to water, a single drop will cause spots and leaf damage.

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The intensity of light that has been filtered to a bright intensity can make African violets grow well. When the leaves are dark green, this is a sign that the plant needs high light rater than pale green leaves.



Give special fertilizer for African violet. With fertilizers that contain high amount of phosphorus, you can mix them with NPK fertilizers when watering.

Identify pests and diseases


This plant can be damaged by getting air like cyclamen mites, which can damage flowering. In addition, some diseases such as spider mites and powdery mildew can make white spots on the stems and leaves.

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