How To Water Air Plants To Keep Them Happy And Healthy - This unique plants like their name, they don't have roots that do for absorbing water from soil. Air plants get water and nutrients from the surrounding air. You can look How To Water Air Plants To Keep Them Happy And Healthy. Check it out!

Soaking Method


Air plants (Tillandsia) can water by submerge them in water. Use water with room temperature at the bowl to soap the plants. Then, let the plants soap for 30 to 60 minutes. After remove the plants from water, shake off excess moisture. 

Set each air plants upside down on a clean cloth or paper towel to drain for an hour or two. If any moisture, pooling at the base of the leaves, may cause rot. So, it's important for drying the air plants.

How Often to Water Air Plants


To be known. Xeric air plants may require less-frequent soaking than mesic types. Give the air plant a 1-hour soak once a week. Other way, you can get to know that air plants need water by taking a close look at the leaves. 

The edges of each leaf will curl inward along its length as the plant uses up moisture. Although thirsty air plants don't wilt as obviously as other plants do, the whole plant will feel limp.

The Best Water for Air Plants


Best water that can use for air plant is rain water, pond, or aquarium. It because the all water contain some nutrients. It's okay to use regular tap water, but let it sit first in an open container overnight. And then, air plants leaves can be turned brown if too much chlorine.

Misting Air Plants


Misting air plants with a spray bottle a few times a week. It can supplement the soaking routine, but doesn't usually supply enough consistent moisture on its own.

Watering Air Plants That Attached Wood or Other Support


Air plants that attached to wood or other support make awkward to watering. You can soak the air plants without submerging the wood or other support, and be sure to invert the plant afterwards. So, it dries thoroughly. 

Other way, you can use this alternative, passing just the plant under running water 2 to 4 times a week, or misting it thoroughly 3 to 7 times a week.

Watering Air Plants with Flowers


Wetting the air plants with flower will shorten the bloom period. So, you can submerge the leaves but keep the flower out of the water. And if it's difficult, just being careful.

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