7 Beautiful Coleus Varieties You'll Love

Homifine.com -- Coleus is one of the beautiful leafy ornamental plants with various varieties, each variety has its own uniqueness and charm. This plant can also survive in the sun and dim light. However, a little fact you should know that coleus will change color according to the amount of sun it gets. The more sunlight, the darker the leaves will be. For shade varieties, be sure to place them in a dim area, so they last longer. For some varieties of coleus, see the following article about 7 Beautiful Coleus Varieties You'll Love.



Coleus Wizard Scarlet


This first variety has the name Coleus Wizard Scarlet, which has beautiful magenta leaves with lime green leaf edges. This variety is perfect for filling pots and adding plants to make the garden more varied.


Coleus Chocolate Covered Cherry


Not only can it be placed in the garden, you can also make coleus a beautiful hanging plant. This one variety is one that you can hang on the terrace beautifully. The leaves have a pink color in the middle, which makes them look attractive.



Coleus Brighto


Different from the previous type, this coleus brighto has a more pointed leaf shape with jagged edges. The color has a beautiful gradation which is from the light edge and getting darker towards the middle.


Coleus Campfire


Different from the previous variety, this coleus does not have a striking gradation on its leaves, so it will be very suitable for minimalist-style room decorations. The rust color will be very beautiful in places in a pot that you can combine with other plants such as petunias.


Coleus Dragon Heart


The coleus dragon heart has beautiful leaves with a burgundy center and surrounded by a bright lime green. When placed in a bright area, the resulting burgundy area will be more. But when placed in a shady area, it will get more lime green.


Coleus Wizard Rose


This variety has a beautiful color with a combination of pink, white, and green. Pink is more dominant than other colors. You can make it a beautiful ornamental plant on the table.


Coleus Watermelon


The last variety we describe is called Coleus Watermelon because it has a color identical to that of a watermelon. Green margins on the leaves, surrounding a pretty pink and white color. This variety can be grown into a beautiful tree.

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