7 Unique and Colorful Begonia Varieties

7 Unique and Colorful Begonia Varieties

Homifine.com -- Begonia is an ornamental plant that has easy care and belongs to the flowering plant family, begonia, begoniaceae which has more than 1000 varieties of species. Begonia plants can grow in humid climates and make great appeal as indoor plants at home. The types are as follows:

Begonia Darth Vaderianax Malachosticta


This begonia is just out of this world. The contrast between the black and lime border and spots. The texture of the leaves can be likened to a thin cardboard (so delicate). This is very happily growing in a mixture of akadama, combined with a small amount of avoid mix. As always, humidity is around 90% and temperature is between 22 - 24 C.

Rex Begonia


This type of begonia Rex is the most popular type because it has many leaf colors. Like this plant with a slightly silver color, moss green to yellow leaf veins. This semi-tropical plant is often grown as an outdoor potted plant as an ornamental plant. To maintain the leaves, you can place the plant outdoors where it gets maximum light.

Begonia Rex Salsa


This beautiful begonia is a new arrival in the greenhouse, the beautiful bright colors on the Rex Begonia is enough to draw any eye in. These 4in houseplants are perfect for tabletop focal points and contrast perfect fly in any white planter.

Begonia Roseopunctata


This endemic plant from the mountains of Malaysia can grow on shady rocky sandstone slopes with a mixture of flat soil. Begonia reseopunctata is an upright plant that can grow to a height of 15 - 30 cm. The leaves of this plant are quite diverse with yellow, green, yellow green and have spots as above.

Begonia Breakdance


Next is the types of begonia breakdance that requires light to maintain the color of its leaves. This plant that light soil and is rich in moisture can be dried well and optimally. Mix the pot with peat, which is ideal for containers and provide growth to the begonias.

Polka dot Begonia


Known as Begonia maculata 'wightii' or Begonia polka dot, this large leafy plant with winds and spots on it is very to choose as an ornamental plant because it is quite easy to care for. Almost all types of begonias like bright, indirect light and can survive even in low light.

Begonia Sp


Begonia Sp plants have many varieties and are shrubs. Such as various leaf colors such as green, brown, red purple and even purplish blue like this. You can plant begonias that tend to grow in the tropics using a mixture of soil, humus and a little manure.


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