6 Fabulous Design For Comfortable Small Kitchen

 Homifine.com - Not all homes have large spaces. The same goes for kitchen that always found in small area at limited house. Then, you can max out the space at kitchen area to have cozy and great area. And here we have some 6 Fabulous Design For Comfortable Small Kitchen. Just see!

Small Kitchen Design at Apartment


Living in apartment make you have limited home and spaces. Then, you can merge the kitchen area and dining room in one spaces to saving more. With linear concept at kitchen table, you can make nice storage for clean and tidy area. Then, make the kitchen furniture use bright hues and glossy material to get bigger look.

Green Style for Small Kitchen


Concrete kitchen table for small kitchen must be clever in design and arrangement. With white and green kitchen interior, it can make fresh ambience at small kitchen. And then, wear a curtain under the kitchen table for a tidy area. Use nice storage at this small kitchen to avoid messy accent.

Use Bohemian at Small Kitchen with Dining Table


Has a width of less than 2 meters, you can make nice design and decoration for this small kitchen. Use Bohemian style that apply white hues and wood material at this kitchen. With L-shape of kitchen table and window, it can help you to have natural lighting from the outside. Make the dining table use accurate size and wood material to saving space at small kitchen.

Blue Shade with Nice Lighting


Using open concept, this small kitchen look bigger with soft blue shade. And then, you can make the roof using glass in center or other side for nice lighting from the outside. So, it can help you to save more energy at your kitchen area.

Adjust the Kitchen with Laundry


Located at back area, you can merge the kitchen area with laundry. Not all things of laundry room, just put washing machine in same side with kitchen table. It can save more space in your home. And then, decorate the kitchen interior using white hues and wood material. It can make clean and tidy nuance.

L-Shape for Stylish Small Kitchen


Wood material for kitchen set make natural and clean accent. With L-shape of kitchen set, you can add lamps under cabinet for additional lighting at this small kitchen. You can also make the kitchen use open concept with living room or dining room to have spacious area.

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