Snake Plant - The Most Tolerant and Easy to Care for Succulent -- Snake plant is a plant that is commonly owned because it is related to the ease of maintenance. Having a snake plant at home also makes an attractive decoration in various corners of the room. The thick leaves are also almost impossible to fall off and keep your room clean and fresh. However, there are a few things you need to know to be able to grow a snake plant well. Check out the following. 



Lighting is a part of snake plant care that you need to pay attention to. This snake plant likes lighting and is obtained indirectly, so it will be very suitable to place it near a window. Proper light intake will help the snake plant grow better and healthier.



Regarding watering, you don't need to be too intense because this snake plant is able to store water well in its leaves. You can water it every 2 weeks and also depending on the climate that is going on. Hot weather will make it require more frequent watering than in winter. But don't water it too much because it can risk making it rot.

Placing snake plant


Although the snake plant is very tolerant of many conditions, you also need to pamper it a little by placing it in an area that has warm and humid temperatures. Do not place it in an area that has a very low temperature because it will stress it.



If you see strange snake plant leaves, it could be due to several factors such as lighting, watering, and also you need to check the roots. When the plant has grown larger, you can repot it to have a new pot that is more comfortable for its new size. Usually, the snake plant gives a signal when it is bored in its small pot.



Did you know that snake plants can also be propagated easily? As many know, there are 3 ways to multiply it. For a more detailed explanation, you can see it here. One popular snake plant spread is to cut the leaves and grow them in a jar of water. You can try it!



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