7 Creative Small Balcony Garden Ideas For Flats

Homiful.com -- Living in an apartment or in an urban area does not mean that you cannot have a garden and grow your favorite plants. Usually, the balcony of a house of a narrow size is left empty just like that. Even though, you can turn them into a beautiful garden with the creativity you have
To give you a reference, we'll share 7 creative small balcony garden ideas for flats just for you!

1. Adorable balcony garden


The first balcony garden design was made with adorable pink decorations. The balcony is designed with a vertical garden that saves space. You can maintain the privacy of the balcony with a charming wooden fence.

2. Hanging plants on balcony fences


There are many ways to arrange a garden on a narrow balcony. One of them is by hanging the plant on the balcony fence. You can grow colorful flowers for  amore lively and stunning balcony view.

3. Hanging plants on balcony fences


In accordance with the concept of a minimalist house, the balcony is also made with simple decorations. The combination of black and white looks more illuminated with plant decorations. You can grow a plant on a beautiful planter.

4. Bohemian-style balcony garden


Although small, the appearance of the balcony balcony looks beautiful with Bohemian decorations. The use of decorations made of wood and rattan makes the house feel homey. Especially if you combine it with refreshing greenery.

5. Balcony garden with beautiful lighting


Make the balcony garden more dramatic with the appropriate lighting arrangement. The balcony garden is made elongated with beautiful light bulbs. That way, relaxing and enjoying the scenery will feel more enjoyable.

6. Gardening on the balcony


Having a narrow land does not mean that you cannot garden. Like the example above, you can use containers for gardening. There are many vegetables and herbs that you can grow place them in a row to make it look neat.

7. Rustic-style balcony garden


Rustic-style decoration is synonymous with the use of environmentally friendly materials. The balcony garden design looks charming with rattan decorations and supported by charming wooden fences. An egg chair becomes a beautiful and elegant focal point.

That's a review of 7 creative small balcony garden ideas for flats. We hope you like it.

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