Easy Way to Propagate Plant with Water for Beginner


Easy Way to Propagate Plant with Water for Beginner

Homifine.com -- For ornamental plant lovers, the opportunity to grow ornamental plants is the right way to multiply new plants. You need patience and also a lot of supplies to propagate plants easily, even for beginners. You can grow this list of ornamental plants by propagation using the water method easily.

Jade Plant


Crassula ovata or jade plant is a type of succulent that grows beautifully with small pink, white flowers that have thick, juicy leaves. You can grow it by water propagation, choose an adult stem and place it in a glass and wait for new roots to grow.



Coleus has many interesting varieties with colorful leaves. This plant can be propagated by water you can take a six-inch stem and remove the leaves then place it in a glass or vase of water. Add a little compost tea to the water to allow new root development.

Sedum Morganianum


The following types of succulents that can grow in water are sedum morganianum. Commonly called a donkey's tail and grows beautifully by dangling. These round, thick and juicy leaves will produce beautiful flowers at the right time. Propagate by means of water propagation, which is the easiest to do and suitable for beginners.

Golden Pothos


Pothos is a plant that is easy to care for and difficult to kill. This plant is easily propagated by the water propagation method that grows in a low light room. Very suitable for beginners who are busy and pay less attention to watering.

Peace Lily 


Peace lily, including plants that do not have significant woody tissues. Thrives in soil, but you can grow it in water. By repotting from the pot and cutting off the old roots, then washing the roots to remove soil. Place in a vase of water, changing the water every two weeks.

Spider Plant


Next is the spider plant, which has narrow, long leaves and grows up to 45 cm. This plant you can grow well in water and is suitable for beginners.

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