7 Most Beautiful Varieties Calathea with Picture

7 Most Beautiful Varieties Calathea with Picture

Homifine.com -- Calathea is a well-known ornamental plant from the Marantaceace family. Grows well indoors, has a unique leaf pattern with bright colors and looks very stunning. Calathea is also the most beloved plant originating from the Brazilian rainforest and has more than 300 species. No one can deny the beauty of this plant, with its beautiful colors. Check out some of the popular lists below:

Calathea White Star


The extraordinary tropical calathea plant is the calathea white star. Great for houseplant lovers, collection with white and green leaves contrasting the underside of subtle purples and pinks. This plant is also called a prayer plant, because the leaves will fold down and up in response to temperature and light.  

Calathea Pink Jessy


This calathea pink jessy has a distinctive leaf characteristic with pink color, round to oval shape and line motif. The leaves are naturally shiny with a beautiful purple-red underside and are suitable as houseplants. Just like any other plat that requires regular care, watering, lighting and regular fertilization.

Calathea White Fusion


The beautiful leaves of this white fusion calathea plant have a white or cream color on the surface of the leaves. The underside is dark purple, and this plant is famous for its size, which cannot grow to a height of only 30 - 50 cm. Provide regular care with watering, and fertilizer once a month. 

Calathea Roseopicta 'Dottie'


Rosepicta dottie is a type of calathea with a purple pink color like a medal. The leaves of this plant are so beautiful and dramatic, that they can appear black surrounded by pink. This houseplant loves moisture and grows well in the bathroom. Friendly to pets, so it can be an indoor plant and room decorations. 

Calathea Lancifolia


Lanciifolia is a very beautiful calathea plant with long leaves and unique leaf motifs. This plant is also known as rattlesnake, has a leaf motif like a snake and resembles the skin of a rattlesnake.

Likes a place with good drainage, slightly damp and bright indirect lighting.

Calathea Obrifolia


It is known for its round-leaved calathea which is beautiful in appearance with large circles, silver and light green stripes. This plant is very attractive because it grows quickly in a warm environment. When choosing this plant as a room decoration, it is guaranteed to add a tropical impression. It grows to about 1.3 - 2.5 feet tall and is a tropical plant native to the Amazon.

Calathea Medallion


Calthea medallion is also arguably one of the most beautiful low light plants. Popular with gardeners with its brilliant green and burgundy patterns under the leaves. Belongs to the prayer plant, grows to a maximum of 6 - 36 inches and likes a moist, low light environment.

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