Decorating with Plants - 7 Ways to Display Houseplants -- Incessantly discussing plants because of their beauty and the various benefits they have. Not only in the garden, many people prefer to place plants at home because it can create fresh air and decorations that look stunning. Some ideas for arranging and displaying plants at home, you can check the following article on Decorating with Plants - 7 Ways to Display Houseplants.



Plants in front porch


Arranging plants on the front porch is an interesting idea and a stunning view for anyone who sees it. You can use shelves to organize them, so they are neater and don't interfere with the door. You can arrange it next to a front porch planter and make it the main decoration.



Built in shelf


Arranging plants in the house using a shelf like this will make it the center of attention. Build in storage on this wall is able to create elements that make the room look more creative. Moreover, the presence of green and fresh plants will make it look even more beautiful.

Creative shelf for plants


You can create more creative shelf ideas with a triangular shape like this one. Shelves that are made open with plants will be the best partition in your home. Place a string plant that sticks out to show its beauty.

Plant shelf on the wall


You don't have to take up a lot of space in the room, you can maximize the small space on the wall with wooden shelves to place some of your plants. Hang some plants to add a more creative and varied look.

Stunning balcony garden


This balcony garden will be your favorite spot at home. Some of the lush hanging plants are one of the highlights of this balcony garden. Then, to make it more functional, don't forget to add shelves to organize your many plants.

Plants on windowsill


One of the best places for houseplants is to place them on a windowsill because it gives them maximum light. You can also make curtains that make the room feel more shady and cool.

Mini shelf for minimalist style


This small shelf will be very suitable to complete the house with a minimalist style. Several medium-sized pots can neatly fill this shelf. Additional hanging pots will make it look more stunning, but not excessive.

That's Decorating with Plants - 7 Ways to Display House Plants  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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