Charming Up Your Interior with Plant for Body and Soul so Soothing


Charming Up Your Interior with Plant for Body and Soul so Soothing -- Plants are one of the easiest drugs to cure stress or boredom. The green color of the plant will enhance the fresh and cleared brain. For that, bringing plants into the room at home will not only bring extraordinary benefits. But will give you peace of mind and soul.

Place it on the table in the corner of the room

Bring plants back into the house for natural refreshment and healing. You can place it in one of the rooms such as the corner of the living room, even using an additional planter will also beautify the room as seen.

Create a calm atmosphere with tropical plants


One of the benefits of bringing ornamental plants into the room is not only as an effort to beautify the house. But will create a tropical impression, a fresh atmosphere and a calm mind. You can decorate in a balanced way between the furniture used to the concept of what kind of space.

Arrange it festively using a planter


As a room decoration, plants must be neatly arranged to create a calm atmosphere. Use wall shelves attached and fill each section using various types of ornamental plant. Also add hanging plants that will complete the look harmoniously.

Peace-bearing birds of paradise plant


Change the pattern of your boring room decoration with ornamental plants. Even if it's only one plant, you can use the plant for cheap space refreshment and decoration. You can place this bird of paradise plant in the corner of the room for an air filter and additional oxygen supply.

Room arrangement with plant decoration


Plants are not only believed to be natural fresheners, but also for room decoration. If you find one of the cabinets at home is still empty, ZZ plants, sansevieria to succulent plants will add to the beauty of the room in your home.

Ficus plant will add a firm impression


Place ornamental plants in an empty part of the room, such as the foyer area or the following relaxing room. Besides having attached family photos as decorations, the owner of this account also uses rubber plants to add a bold and elegant impression to the interior of the room.

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