Dahlias : 7 Types of Beautiful Dahlias

Homifine.com -- The beauty of dahlias is one of the things that makes it the reason why it is so popular and widely used as a flower that adorns the garden. Dahlias also come in many colors which will be very eye catching. The following types of dahlias will be an option for you to have dahlias in the color you want. For that, check the following article about Dahlias: 7 Types of Beautiful Dahlias.

Dahlia Sam Hopkins


If you like dark colors, you will fall in love with this Dahlia Sam Hopkins. The flowers consist of dark red petals. The more outer the petals, the lighter the color.

Dahlia Mambo


The color will make you wonder if this is real or artificial dahlias. The combination of purple, brown, red and yellow ends, makes this flower very amazing for you to have.

Dahlia Megan Dean


Dahlia Megan Dean has a beautiful soft color. Besides pink, you can also find it in other colors such as orange with a soft tone. The petals look awesome and piled up. You can even match the size to the soup bowl you have.

Dahlia Dinner Plate


Different from before, this dahlia dinner plate has the shape of a stack of pointed petals. The colors also vary from light pink, dark pink, and orange. You can pick it when it has bloomed and place it in a living room vase.

Dahlia Oreti Candy


This dahlia also has different petals, with a pointed and longer shape. The color is white, has a touch of yellow and purplish, which makes it radiate beauty even more.

Dahlia Oregon Sunset


Maybe you will find out when you see this flower why it is called the oregon sunset. The beautiful color seems to symbolize the evening sun that wants to set. The yellowish gradation seems to be a light that symbolizes the beauty of the sun at dusk.

Dahlia Purple Pearl


This is one type of dahlia that has a unique color and petals. The dark red becomes more and more luminous with the light colored edges of the petals. You will think of them as artificial flowers and will not believe that you can grow them in your garden.

That's Dahlias : 7 Types of Beautiful Dahlias for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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