How to Easy Grow Pink Syngonium

How to Easy Grow Pink Syngonium -- Pink syngonium is an arrowhead plant that is popular as an indoor ornamental plant. The dazzling coloration is actually a natural mutation of the less colorful neon pink cultivar. If you choose pink syngonium as a houseplant, find out more about its care and growth below:


First, to grow syngonium pink plants you can look for soil preferences that have a special mixture such as orchid bark, pumice, worm castings or fern drag. Choose soil that is well drained and light. Mix a light soil mixture of ordinary potting soil and combine store-bought soil with peat-based media.

The ideal light requirement for pink syngonium is in semi-shade sun with indirect sunlight. Full shade is not good because it can cause the leaves to turn brown or wilt. Also consider a place to store pink syngonium that can be placed on the windowsill.


Water requirements are also an important consideration for caring for pink syngonium. Pink syngonium has a strong drought resistance and likes moist potting soil. In the summer, water during the summer and water after the soil layer is about 70% dry. In winter, water the soil only when it is completely dry or if necessary 2 times a week.


The next treatment is fertilizer requirements. Provide nutrients to display positive effects on plant health. Use ornamental plant fertilizer once a month from March to September. But in winter, there is no need to heed too much fertilizer.


Pay attention to temperature and humidity for pink syngonium is also very necessary. You can put this plant in a humid area because its natural habitat is the rain forest. In addition, provide an ideal temperature of around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which is warm for winter.

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