How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Dahlia Flowers -- Dahlia flowers are usually synonymous with summer celebrations that make the garden more colorful. Dahlias also have flowers of various sizes that have stunning colors. To have this dahlia grow optimally, you need to pay attention to planting and caring for it. You can check to the following article about How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Dahlia Flowers.



How to plant


Planting dahlias is usually obtained from tubers. Choose varieties that can grow well in your environment. Dahlias are also not fussy about the soil, but it would be very appropriate if you prepare soil that is fertile and moist but still well drained. To plant it, you can dig 8-12 inches with added compost. Also pay attention to the variety of dahlias you plant. If you are growing a large dahlia, you will need to keep the distance between the plants longer than the dwarf variety.


 How to care


The treatment that you can do on this dahlia must also be considered carefully. Water the dahlias deeply twice a week and apply a liquid fertilizer of about 120 ml, 2 times during the growing season. To free dahlias from weeds, you can use organic mulch around the plants. For lighting, this dahlia likes bright light in the garden. 

Dahlia in winter


Another treatment that needs to be considered is when winter has entered. You can transplant dahlia bulbs indoors until spring. Dig up the dahlias until they find the tubers, then clean and remove them from a frost-free area. You can move it to a pot that has the best drainage. Cut the parts of the dahlia that has been damaged so that it can grow optimally.

Use bamboo or wood


These dahlias can grow large, and it will be very difficult to support them without help. You can use bamboo or wood to tie the dahlia stems, so they don't bend or fall. Take good care of the beauty of the dahlias in the garden to make the garden more stunning.

Dahlia for garden


Dahlias are also a beautiful garden planting idea with a variety of colors. Ranging from small to the size of a bowl can be had from this dahlia flower. You can arrange them in a row on the outskirts of the garden or collect them in one area to make it more tidy. You can pick some of the flowers for room decoration that can be placed in your favorite flower vase.



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