Ingenious Creative Home Garden Remodel Ideas

Ingenious Creative Home Garden Remodel Ideas -- Plants and flowers can bring a lot of beauty to any room. Even if you have a small outdoor space, remodel to become a garden can be tried. In addition to giving an aesthetic impression, a refreshing appearance and adding to the purity of the air around the house. Home gardens save many benefits and give a dynamic impression for residence.

You can make an interesting makeover for an outdoor garden with full effect. See the review in the explanation below:

Stacking with planter


Change the outdoor corner with a small garden concept that will not fill the outdoor space at all. Arrange a standard size planter, choose herbs, sunflower plants that will make the landscape vibrant and fresh.

Add pergola accent 


With a compact appearance, you can create an outdoor garden using a simple overhaul of an iron trellis pergola. This will be perfect for a trailing plant at home and as it grows large creates a lush atmosphere.

Planting set wint container


Set outdoor decorations with various types of ornamental flowers. Such as petunia, morning glories and others. Use hanging containers to enhance the appearance of the garden and provide a standing planter to give the plants a high impression.

Garden setting with plant beds


Then it will be very suitable for you to place it in open landscaping. You can change the rest of the empty pages by changing the plant bed containing mini bamboo or coleus ornamental plants and the like.

Take advantage of the walls of the house


With creative ideas, you can use the outer walls of the house to create a vertical garden concept. This method is very appropriate for those of you who don't have a large area, change the wall setting with the shape of a frame plant and place a set of furniture under it.

Oasis concept park


With neat details and easy to apply, this dry oasis style outdoor garden concept will bring a new beginning to a small garden at home. Land cover from natural rocks, types of sansevieria, haworthia and cacti will be the main choices.

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