7 Best and Most Amazing Indoor Hanging Plants

7 Of the Best and Amazing Indoor Hanging Plants

Homiful.com -- Looking for the best indoor hanging plants? You can select some of them from the list below. Plants, including trailing plants, are thought to be natural air purifiers and popular indoor decorations. See the reviews below for more information on the various types:

Dischidia Nummularia


Dischidia nummularia is an unmistakable ornamental plant. This easy-to-grow plants with a distinctive appearance is a member of the succulent family. This plant is native to China and India, and it has round leaves that are dark green, fleshy, and appear to have a waxy coating.

Bougainvillea mix aglaonema


You can create a new look for hanging plants by combining different types in one container. Here is aglaonema, bougainvillea with a stunning appearance for your room and party venue. 



Tradescantia is known as an easy-to-care-for hanging plants. Has several types and is dominant, with the purple color standing out throughout the space. It can be used as an additional collection and placed around the corner of the house with strikingly graded leaves.

Philodendron Hedereceum


For beginners, selecting the right type of philodendron to fill the room decoration with ornamental plants is essential. This easy-care plant has heart-shaped leaves and prefers space, even in dark places.

Philodendron Micans


Philodendron micans is next, which includes the cultivas heartleaf philodendron. Although it appears similar to other varieties, the surface of the leaf has smooth hair like velvet with red pseudo purple leaves that look elegant.



Pothos is also a fascinating plant to have as a houseplant. Simple to maintain and appropriate for beginners. Some varieties have fresh green leaves, while others have yellow or white leaves. Put it on shelf to make the ideal hanging plant decoration.



Hoya is a popular hanging plant with clustered flowers. This plant has an oval leaf shape, a dark green base to the stem, and a lemon lime tip with a few interesting strokes.

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