7 Amazing Plants that Can Grow in Water

Homifine.com -- Besides having plants that can thrive in pots, you can also have plants with unique plantings using water. You can use unused jars or glasses to plant this plant. Usually, planting in water is also done for propagation, which can bring out roots more quickly. For some plants that you can grow in water, check out the following article about 7 Amazing Plants that Can Grow in Water.



To have tradescantia growing in water, you don't need to buy new plants. Use the tradescantia you already have by cutting it and transferring it to a glass of water. A few weeks later, you will find the roots have appeared.

String of Hearts


 If you want to grow string of hearts water propagation, choose a part of the plant that has seasoned and cut the part. Put the cut plant parts into a bottle or glass that has been filled with water. That way, you don't have to buy a new string of hearts to place in a glass of water.


Pothos Plant


 Pothos is also one of the most popular plants to grow in water. Use healthy plants to cut in half and grow in a glass of water. You can leave it in the water until it grows thick roots.



When planting syongonium in water, pay attention to care so that it continues to grow well. Bright, indirect lighting will be his favorite. Pay attention to the quality of the water and replace it immediately when it is dirty. When growing in water, you don't need to repotting.




 If you want to fully grow alocasia in water, you can take it out of the pot and clean the roots, then you can start placing it in a glass or jar of clean water. You won't succeed when you plant it with just a piece of the stem.





 If you have bushy pilea, you can take its small shoots to grow uniquely in water. You can display it with other plants that you grow in a jar or glass. The leaves will stay green and place with adequate lighting.



Snake Plant


Snake plant propagation is one of the most popular because it can be done easily. The most interesting is when multiplying it in water. However, when growing a snake plant in water, you will find the leaves grow in a common pattern.