7 Variegated Versions of Most Popular Houseplants

Homifine.com -- Variegated plants are a condition of defects in the leaves that give rise to other colors such as gradations of white, pink, yellow, and other colors that should not be owned by leaves in general. However, it is not a drawback, this variegated leaf is very popular because it is rare and not always with the same pattern. For some variegated plants that you will love, check out the following article about 7 Variegated Versions of Most Popular Houseplants.





In general, this monstera plant has green leaves that look fresh. However, on the variegated plants, there is a white color combination that makes it look more amazing. This white color can take up half the leaf or more.

Fallopia Multiflora


Not only with white, you can find many different colors from this variegated plant. Among them are pink and ivory white. This color pattern occurs randomly on your leaves and makes you unable to have the same pattern on even similar plants.



String of Hearts


 The famous variegated plants of String of Hearts are pink and silvery white. Basically, this plant has small green leaves with a distinctive heart shape. However, who would have thought, you can enjoy its beauty in other colors with the same leaf shape.



Syngonium Fantasy


The leaves are heart-shaped, usually green with a thin white stripe. But on the variegated, it has a firm white color and radiates beautifully. This white color combination also gives an elegant and unique look, so you will be tempted to look at it when you have it as a houseplant.




Caladium also has white-leaved varieties, but in some variegated conditions, it has an irregular combination of white and green. In fact, the red sprinkling on these leaves makes it called caladium mix variegated.

Alocasia Frydek


 The original color of this plant is green with a silver white line that is neat and shiny. However, you will see it with a different look on the variegated. Even white can dominate and make green a beautiful splash. You can have them with the same care as ordinary plants.



African Violet


Besides being able to have beautiful flowers, this African violet variegated also has silvery pink and white leaves. When you have it, you will see a lot of beauty in one pot.




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