7 Easy-to-grow Flower Plants for Beginners

7 Easy-to-grow Flower Plants for Beginners

Homifine.com -- Flowers are beautiful ornamental plants to have and to pull around the yard. Perfect for gardener lovers, you can also grow flowers into your vegetable garden side by side. Let's see what flowers are easy to grow for beginners.

Peace Lily


One of the following ornamental plants that are easy to care for beginners. This plant will thrive with perfect watering, lighting and fertilization. Besides being suitable for beginners who like flowering plants, this plant also has benefits for cleaning the air and maintaining humidity. 



Begonia is a flowering ornamental plant. A plant with its own charm and grows well in the sun. Attractive red color will bloom with proper watering. No need to worry about its growth, this plant is perfect for beginners.

African Violet


One of the popular ornamental plants with beautiful leaf shapes and colors. Flowers that bloom with beautiful, striking colors need to be stored in a humid place with infrequent light. Perfect for beginners and wait for the blooms in spring, summer or winter.



Amaryllis plants grow from bulbs that will bloom all spring and have beautiful flowers. This flower that tend s to grow anywhere likes a bright place in direct sunlight. Flower colors are very varied such as orange, pink, red and white. 



This flower plant that looks like the African violet loves indirect light. You can place it in an east or west facing window that matches with light curtains. Can grow well by budding over time and is beautiful for the room.



This plant originating from East Asia has a unique appearance with many variations. Besides being the most popular, it is easy to care for and grows long as a hanging basket plant. Some of the varieties that you can have are hoya verticillata, carnosa, paratistica etc.

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