Small Backyard Ideas : 7 Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Space -- The backyard becomes an attractive area to be used as a place to relax, as a garden, and as an area that has privacy. It doesn't have to be large, you can create something functional in your small backyard. The creative design will make you excited to visit the backyard more often. For some ideas that you will love, check out this article about Small Backyard Ideas: 7 Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Space.

Shady backyard

Chris Loves Julia

This small backyard looks so amazing by making it a garden as well as a fresh relaxing area. Let the tree grow naturally, and you can use the empty space for a relaxing area by adding some furniture such as chairs and tables.

Small pool on the backyard


If you want to relax more perfectly, you can make your backyard more functional. You can create a swimming pool that is not too big and include a more shady relaxing area for comfort, or you can leave it open, so you can sunbathe for an exotic skin.

Pergola with hanging plants

Next Luxury

The addition of a pergola has indeed become a popular thing in backyards. You can make a small pergola so that your backyard still has space for plants. Or you can also use your pergola to place some potted plants to make it even more refreshing.

Creative small backyard


Your little backyard can be an area you'll love with the right design ideas. Use fresh plants at the edges of the yard, and you can make them look lush. Then create a relaxing area in the empty space that you can complete with rocks that you arrange naturally as a path.

Natural color selection

Room for Tuesday

You also have to pay attention to the selection of a pergola for your small backyard so that it still provides comfort and a beautiful appearance. Use natural colors and not too flashy so that the backyard still feels calm. Use a wooden deck or paving as the base of the pergola, and you can leave the rest of the area overgrown with grass.

Use paving block

Techo Bloc

Paving blocks are also an idea to make your small backyard more attractive. Use paving as a dry area that you can use as a chill out corner. Add a fire pit to make you more comfortable when relaxing at any time.

Vertical arrangement

Torrey Cummings

If you want to make your small backyard look more spacious, you can place plants on the fence vertically. Or you can place plants on the edges of the yard to make it tidier.



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