7 Easy to Propagate Houseplants (with pictures)

7 Easy to Propagate Houseplants (with pictures)

Homifine.com -- In fact, having ornamental plants is a pleasure for beginners to gardeners. Instead of watching plants in a flower shop bloom in front  of your eyes, you can do it yourself at home. You don't need to be a mainstay gardener to do this, you can choose some ornamental plants that have been included in the review list below that are easy to propage.



This  interesting plant by the name of kalanchoe is perfect for beginners. Plants that are able to grow new plants on the margins of these leaves will fall and separate. This is one of the plants that is easy to propagate and can even grow on its own after falling from the parent leaf.



The next is an ornamental plant that is easily propagated by water propagation is croton. You can pick one of the leaves from the stem of the plant and place it in a glass cup. Wait some time for new roots to grow and transfer them to a pot filled with soil.



This Chinese money plant is very beautiful and looks simple for room decoration. This pilea can be reproduced in several ways. This pilea plant when it grows up you grow small shoots from the main stem in the ground and this can be a new child. Separate the mother plant carefully and transfer it to a container with drainage holes.



The elegant appearance of the philodendron when it is grown will be very mesmerizing. its easy distribution can grow well in any room. You will need to snip off some of the plant stems and ennds removed, regular potting mix or place in a container of coconut fiber or by propagation in water.

Snake plant


What follows is a replant that many gardeners love. Not only from the shape, beautiful leaf color the spread is also the easiest, not fussy and grows well in all rooms. You can cut a few cm of the stem of this plant, and be careful to place the plant into water to grow new roots.



This beautiful succulent species with many varieties is also a plant that is easy to propagate. Separate the new plants growing at the tips of the stems of mature plants, repot and cut some leaves to create a new seedbed.



Unlike the others, this avocado plant can be grown by propagation from seeds. As shown in the picture, you can submerge some seeds in water for gradual growth of stems and leaves and rounded roots.

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