Block Paving Ideas : 7 Ways To Use This Versatile Surface In Your Outdoor Space -- Having an empty yard can be boring. Many things can be pursued to make the display more attractive and creative. One of the things that you can apply is to use block paving for surfaces in outdoor spaces, including pages. The following ideas will help you find inspiration for your yard.

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Block paving and garden


Of course, you can make block paving as a dry area in your garden. You can arrange them neatly so that you also get a more stunning yard view. You can use it on the front yard or the backyard.

To separate your garden and relaxing space


Another idea that you can use for paving blocks in the garden is like this one. You can use it to separate dry areas and green grass areas. You can use the dry area as a relaxing spot that is more comfortable and doesn't damage the garden.

Create your outdoor space with block paving


It's really nice to have an outdoor relaxing area. The fresh air will make you comfortable to spend time better. To create a relaxing area behind the house, you can use block paving on the surface to keep it clean, comfortable, and stylish.

For chill out corner


You can take the backyard corner to fill with block paving, which can then make the area more functional. You can make it a chill out corner by adding a few chairs and a fire pit.

Clean yard and garden


Make a road that extends in the middle of the park using block paving. By adding block paving to the surface of this garden, it will make it look cleaner and easier to maintain. Choose a porous paving so that it can still absorb water well.

Pathway front the yard


In addition to the garden, you can also use block paving for the road to the door of the house. You can design it more attractively using the style you like. Of course, this will make your exterior look more stunning.

For small stairs in front porch


In addition to the pathway to the house, you can also use block paving on the small stairs on the front porch. The appearance with natural colors will make the house have a clean look and make a more creative design.

That's Block Paving Ideas : 7 Ways To Use This Versatile Surface In Your Outdoor Space for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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