7 Garden Lighting Ideas to Make Your Plants Shine

Homifine.com --  Arranging outdoor lighting allows the yard to look more stand out at night. Suitable lighting can change the atmosphere of the garden more dramatically. There are many lighting, you can highlight your favorite plants.
If you're interested, here are 7 garden lighting ideas to make your plants shine!

1. Captivating string light

A series of chandeliers are lighting that can change the atmosphere of the night to be more romantic. You can hang lamps on the leaves and flowers to make them look radiant in the dark. Simple but stunning view in the night.

2. Stunning wall lamps


Want a more modern look in the garden? You can use stunning garden lights. The light also captivates the eye and makes the tree and also the fence look shiny.

3. Hanging a lamp on a tree


Want to make the tree look shiny and radiant at night? You can arrange lighting on the branches and leaves of the tree. Not only your tree is accustomed to the charming lighting of the fence.

4. Lighting at the etrance


Make the entrance to the door of the house look radiant by combining charming lighting. Garden lamps are specially designed to be under plants. That when passing through the garden path, it will feel different and satisfying.

5. Lighting on the flower bed


Create a flower bed design that looks stunning with beautiful lighting. The flower bed design with coral plants and rocks alive and shiny. You can arrange the lighting in a row to make it look neater.

6. Sparkling vertical garden 


Want to make the vertical look of the garden look shiny? You can hang a series of light bulbs on wooden panels. See the incredible vertical garden above. Don't forget to keep the body warm by adding a fire pit.

7. Beautiful Light bulb 


 Make the plants looks sparkling by adding appropriate lighting. Collect the above flowers look live at night. Enjoying the beautiful garden view will make your relaxing feel cozy.

Those are 7 garden lighting ideas to make your plants shine. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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