7 Most Popular Lily Varieties

Homifine.com -- Lilies are a way to create colorful gardens with subtle hues. In addition, the advantage of lilies that are widely used is that they are easy to care for and of course anyone will be happy when the flowers have bloomed. The following varieties will help you come up with ideas for planting lilies in any color you like. Check the following article about the 7 Most Popular Lily Varieties.

Easter Lily


Being one of the popular varieties, this Easter lily has a subtle white color that symbolizes purity and birth. Many buy it as a celebration of Easter, and this is one of the reasons why this lily is so popular.


Tiny Bee Lily


Tiny bee is a dwarf variety of lily that will be very suitable to be planted in pots. The bright yellow flowers will bloom in early summer. You can also plant them in your garden, because lilies love full to partial sun.


Orange Pixie Lily


This orange pixie would make the perfect plant for your garden edges. You will get shady flowers with a beautiful orange color. This lily flower will be very suitable for those of you who are sensitive to odors because this flower does not emit an odor.


Matrix Lily


This matrix lily will be a striking flower in your garden because of its beautiful red color. You will get several flowers in one stem and can bloom in early to mid-summer.



Tiger Lily


You will see the unique appearance of this variety. As if to define its name, this lily has a dashing leopard-like pattern. Its orange color has black spots that make it different from other varieties.


Lollipop Lily


Not only have one color, this lily flower blooms with a stunning red and white combination. The red and white color is not only on the petals, but also on the pistils as well. This flower will bloom in mid-summer with the petals facing up.


Forever Susan Lily


The beauty of the colors of this Forever Susan lily will make you believe that this is not an artificial flower. The combination of burgundy and golden orange is the main attraction of this lily flower. You will also get a nice smell from this lily.

That's 7 Most Popular Lily Varieties for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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