7 Houseplant that are Easy to Propagate in Water

7 Houseplant that are  Easy to Propagate in Water

Homifine.com -- To propagate houseplants quickly, multiply in water is the right way. This method can shorten the time of new root growth and is always successful to try. When new roots appear, move the plant to a pot filled with soil to grow faster. See 7 plants that you can multiply in the following water:



This popular ornamental plant that has quite a lot of varieties, you can enjoy as a houseplant indoors. Grows in humid areas with partial light. Grow fast with the water propagation method, which takes only a few weeks to grow new roots.



Pothos are long vines that look great in a room with hanging baskets. This tropical plant likes moderate sunlight to prevent leaf burn. Propagate by cutting some stems and placing them in water. This method is good for multiplying pothos easily. 



Tradescantia is a green family of evergreen plants that grow in vines. Besides just green, this plant also has several varieties with beautiful purple leaves for the garden feel, grows fast with moisture and also loves sunlight.

String of pearls


This unique vine with rounded leaves like strands of pearl is in the shape of a pea that is perfect for hanging baskets. Easy maintenance and does not need special conditions, just enough light and fertilizer will make this plant strong in one season.

Spider plant


One type of plant that is very chose as a room decoration has a unique leaf color with green lines from white to yellow. Grows well indoors in hanging baskets and requires regular watering and repotting as it is easy to fully grow in a pot.



Next is peperomia which is an ornamental plant with round leaves that have a waxy coating. This plant is easy to grow with a beautiful appearance and lush leaves. Place it on a table, corner of the room for a beautiful focal point.

ZZ plant


This ornamental plant, also known as the dollar plant, is believed to bring good luck. Oval leaves with a wax coating grow well in low light rooms. You can multiply by putting it in water. Take a leaf and put it in a glass of water to grow new roots.

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