7 Of the Best Hanging Ferns for Interior Design

7 Of the Best Hanging Ferns for Interior Design

Homifine.com -- These 7 best hanging ferns for home interiors will add a tropical feel to any space. A fern plant known for its ease of care and effectiveness in delaying a new impression in small spaces. Choose seven of the best to implement a garden design in your home.

Cotton Candy Fern


Davallia fejeensis is also known as the cotton candy fern. These ferns have beautiful hairy rhizomes that dangle to the top of the pot. This fern plant is best for hanging baskets and should be placed in an area with indirect bright light. Use a pot with good drainage..

Dallas Fern


Nephrolepis exaltata 'dallasi' is a compact and attractive fern. This plant is easy to care for and tolerates low light well. You can grow it in a small hanging basket in a shady spot that receives indirect sunlight. Pay attention to soil moisture and apply a balanced fertilizer once month during the growing season.

Nephrolepis Fern


Sword fern is a forest plant that grows 40 - 90 cm tall, loves moisture, and looks lovely in hanging basket as a room decoration. Because it is low-maintenance, it is suitable for anyone to own; you can keep it indoors with partial lighting.

Boston Fern


The boston fern is one of the best hanging ferns, so it was chosen. This plant grows well outside from spring to the cooler fall months. With the recommended level of light and irrigation, maintenance is also very simple, making it suitable for beginners.

Kangaroo Paw Ferns


Natural fresh green fern leaves that thrives in this manner of vines look stunning in hanging pots for room decoration or home terraces. I require  the same care as other types, and partial lighting will help this plant grow faster and with more vibrant leaf color.

Staghorn Fern


This fern differs from others in that its leaves resemble deer antlers. Hanging indoor with a piece of wood for plant media is indeed very beautiful. Grow in a bright but indirect light environment and avoid overwatering, which can cause the plant to droop and die.

Adiantum Fern


The Miedenfern of today could be the next hanging basket plant that thrives in a variety of climates. Can tolerate low light, but dislike dry air and soil. Use hanging baskets 8 to 10 inches deep in partial shade, don't let them dry out, and keep them moist.

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