Grow Snake Plant at Home (Mother-In-Law's Tongue Care Tips) -- Snake plant is a popular plant because of its ease of maintenance. Having a snake plant is also known to give a clean and tidy look compared to other plants. Its ability to clean the air is also one of the attractions to have this plant. Even though it is known to be easy, you also need to pay attention to the care of this snake plant. For that, check the following article about Grow Snake Plant at Home (Mother-In-Law's Tongue Care Tips).



In general, this snake plant prefers indirect bright light. Snake plant can also tolerate direct sunlight, but if it continues to make the leaves burning. If you want to move plants from dark to bright or vice versa, you need to do it gradually and slowly so that plants are not surprised.




 Grow your snake plant in a pot that has sterile clay soil that is free of pests and diseases. Choose soil that is able to absorb water well, and use a pot that has perfect drainage.




This plant will not like watering too often because it will make it easy to rot. Allow the surface to dry between storage. However, make sure you adjust your watering habits and pay attention to the location of the plant because when placed in a warm and sunny area, this plant likes more watering.




Easy care is also evidenced by fertilization that is not too intense. You can fertilize it during the growing season to increase its growth. Fertilize once a month to two months, and pay attention to the dose so as not to overdo it.


Pets / Diseases


The thing that is often experienced by snake plants is rotting roots due to excessive watering. If you have seen wilted leaves, you can check and remove damaged leaves. If you don't want the plant to die, you can immediately move it to a new pot with fresh soil.

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