7 Trailing Houseplant Instantly Brighten House

7 Trailing Houseplant Instantly Brighten House 

Homifine.com -- No matter how perfect, the room will not feel fresh without ornamental plants. Besides being able to improve mood, ornamental plants are one of the things that can save a room that looks empty. For example, with trailing plants that will flow through the side of the room with full decoration. Think again about using trailing plants into your home and choose from the following 7 lists:

Monstera adansooni


Monstera adansooni is a type of monstera plant and one that can grow trailing or propagated. Plants with dark green leaves full of holes on the leaf surface are very beautiful for an empty corner of the room. Provide proper watering to make it grow fast and fill the room.

String of pearls


Succulents that grow long vines are string of pearls with round and uni leaves. Grows on the edge of plant pots with easy care. Place it near a window for 6 - 8 hours of light a day.

Rhipsalis Paradoxa


Is very easy to keep, requiring minimal watering, and will happily tolerate lower light-levels. Grows well indoors with proper watering and lighting.



Peperomia with dark green, glossy waxy leaves with long trailing growing. The juicy stems are also very pretty pink to slightly brown. Leaves that look like this beetle have thin fibers can still be seen.

Heart leaf philodendron


This forest vine is often mistaken for pothos. With similar care and growth, this plant has glossy leaves with green stripes and a hint of lime. There is a bright pink stripe on each leaf.



This waxy cultivar has true dark green leaves with beautiful flowers. Grows in clumps with small pink, white and purple flowers. Regular watering will keep this plant for a long time. Use a soil mixture with a pot that has good water flow.

Pothos Njoy


Including the type of pothos plant, this variety is very attractive with silvery green leaves that look dense. Pothos Njoy also has easy maintenance and is very beautiful to hang in the corner of the room as home decoration. Minimalis maintenance, as long  as it is not exposed to the sun too often.

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