Pretty Purple Flowers for Your Sweet Garden -- The purple color does symbolize beauty and an expensive color that is widely liked and widely applied to various things. Not only on artificial items, you can find purple in flowers that can help your garden look more stunning. For some types of purple flowers that you will love, check out the following article about Pretty Purple Flowers for Your Sweet Garden.

Wilde Astern


This beautiful flower has a variety of colors, including purple. You can plant it in the garden by choosing purple only, or you can combine it with other colors, which of course are also beautiful. You can plant it on the edge of the yard to make it neater and less annoying.



 Zinnia is also one of the choices of flowers that have a purple color. You can grow them easily, and even zinnias can grow wild on the roadside. You can plant it in the garden to complete its beauty, and it can grow abundantly by spreading its seeds, which may fall off in the wind.




Dahlia is indeed an attractive flower because of the beauty of its color and petals. In addition to planting it in a garden with full sun, you can pick some of the stalks to place in flower vases, and you can make them as attractive room decorations.



African Daisies


The purple color of these African daisies has beautiful lines and has a smooth texture on the surface. The pistil has a darker color and makes this flower look more dramatic. You can also have it in a variety of colors other than purple.




Petunia is a plant that is usually hung on the roof of the terrace and makes it attractive to the eyes of anyone who passes by. This purple petunia looks unique with a white splash pattern that will make your garden even more stunning. Several other types also come without a pattern. You can choose it according to your liking.

That's Pretty Purple Flowers for Your Sweet Garden for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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