How To Grow and Care For A Jade Plant - Hot in decades, jade plants can use as home decoration that can improve the looks. Other way, jade plant is low maintenance houseplant that perfect for you busy people. Look at these How To Grow and Care For A Jade Plant. Check it out!

How to Choose the Jade Plants


Almost people select straight species of plant that will grow at home. Like jade plant with easy to spot, fleshy, and oval leaves. But, all jade plants sold as houseplants have some care requirements, so whether their leaves are flat or fingerlike, you can treat them the same.

Where to Grow the Jade Plants


If you wanna grow the jade plants as houseplants, you can put them at some direct sunlight in through the window. But, something many houseplants can't handle without getting sunburned. 

Jade plant can survive in a little bit of bright light, but they won't flourish. Like other tropical plants, take away the jade plants from cold conditions. 

For an outdoor area, you can place the jade plants where it will get plenty of morning sun, but be protected from stronger afternoon rays. Move the plants inside when nighttime temperatures begin to drop.

How to Plant the Jade Plants


1. Begin to grow your jade plant with selecting the container that has at least 1 drainage hole.

2. Fill the container 1/3 full of soil and a little of food to help the jade plants grow well. 

3. Next, put the plants in the pot so that the top of the root ball is about an inch below the rim of the container, to leave room for watering. 

4. Fill in around the root ball with more potting mix and pat gently. Thoroughly water the plants and let it dry. Put the saucer under the pot or container and place it at the best spot.

Watering Jade Plants


Like succulent, jade plant can hold the water in their leaves. And you can keep the soil constantly moist. Let the top 1 to 2-inches of soil dry out between watering. Or you can be watering this houseplant once every 2 to 3 weeks in regularly.

Give Feed for Jade Plants


You can begin feeding the jade plants about a month after planting. Just make the right kind and amount of food to grow beautifully.

Pruning the Jade Plants


When is pruning done? You can do it when you see dead, dying, or shriveled branches. Then, just snip them off for overcome. Other way, you also can prune the jade plants to shape them like bonsai trees for pretty looks.

Propagate Your Jade Plants


With easy to multiply the jade plants, it can bring pretty and save budget. Just break off a piece, strip off the lower leaves, and let the bottom of the cut piece dry out for a couple of days. Then, stick it in some potting mix. That's it, you can put them at best spot to grow well.

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