Secret Tips to Grow Burros Tail Like Pictures (Donkey's Tail Care) -- Having plants that grow well of course will provide its own pleasure for you as the owner. One of these popular plants is the burros tail. This type of succulent will grow lush and is widely used as a stunning hanging plant. You can also have it with a look like in the photo with the right care. Check the following article about Secret Tips to Grow Burros Tail Like Pictures (Donkey's Tail Care).

Lighting and temperature

First, you have to know the care that this plant likes. Starting from the lighting, this plant likes bright and indirect light, so it will be very suitable to place it on the windowsill. Place this plant in an area that has warm temperatures and humidity that is not too high.

Soil and watering

Plant this burros tail in sandy soil, so it can absorb water well. Don't water this plant too often, so it doesn't rot easily, you can water it regularly during the growing season.

Plant cutting together

You can grow the cuttings together in one pot to create a beautiful, bushy display if you want a full-looking burros tail in your pot. Burros tails are also very easy to cut, so you'll be eager to take care of them so they look great.

Avoid too big pot


This plant does not like humidity that is too high, so avoid pots that are too large, which can lock in moisture. Planting in a pot that is not too big will also make it appear fuller. In order for the plant to stay accustomed to its environment, do not move the location too often because it will make it difficult for the plant to adapt and stress.

Be careful when repotting


Moving the burros tail to a new pot is actually too risky and can lose some of the tail. But there is no other choice when the burros tail has grown too big. Move carefully along with the roots and soil. You can break the pot to keep the roots and tail in good shape.

Let it grow slowly

If this plant grows slowly, you don't need to worry and avoid experimenting that will harm the plant. Let the plant grow slowly with the required care as described above.




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