How to Plan 7 Dry Garden Ideas at Home

How to Plan 7 Dry Garden Ideas at Home -- Are you wondering how to create an ideal dry garden at home? You can see the answer in the following review. Planning a dry garden at home does not have to use a variety of media, you can choose some low--maintenance plants such as succulents, shrubs to flowers that are suitable for the outdoors.

Change with a flexible adjustment


Plant your dry garden with natural changes for each garden. Rearrange what plants need to be used to include rock as a ground cover. Know the weather in your area, so the dry garden concept can grow over time.

Recheck soil for dry garden


There are many ways to design a dry garden at home easily. But the way that is not easy is to see the condition of your soil. Try to grow plants that are adapted to the level of moisture or dryness of the soil. Set the location of the dry garden to be right on target.

Make the simplest plan


Dry garden plant at home with the simplest sketch to make it easier for gardeners when making it until it is finally realized properly. Maybe you can maximize the corner area by adding vines, including decorative rocks to lighting at night.

Add a place to sit


Make e seat to a table around your dry garden that will be the perfect area to relax. Use a low-maintenance cactus plant to an array of other outdoor light tolerant plants.

Choose all with environmentally friendly materials


To design a dry garden at home, you should choose environmentally friendly materials for all the furniture that will be used. In addition, change it with a selection of lush decorations around it. Also add elements of natural rocks, shrubs to ornamental grasses for land cover.

Choose an area for drough-resistan shrubs


You can change the pattern to the concept of a dry garden at home by means of a vertical garden. Take advantage of the walls around the house for a spring or summer display that thrives and looks lush all day long.

Growing layered 


Finally, create a layered design for a dry garden at home. Starting from the terrace, ornamental grass to natural rocks you can include neatly. Use a planter to arrange a garden that will not make the land full of roots.

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