7 Small Apartment Living Room Design and Decor Ideas To Turn Cramped into Cozy

Homifine.com -- Living in an apartment does require you to be more creative every time you design a room to remain functional and comfortable. The living room is the most frequently used room. So that a charming design will make you feel more at home and comfortable.
If you're looking for a reference, we'll share you 7 small apartment living room design and decor ideas to turn cramped into cozy!

1. Maximize natural lighting


One of the easiest ways to create a narrow room that feels spacious is to maximize natural lighting. That way, the room will look bright all day long. This tiny living room is designed with glass windows that allow for a brighter and cozy room.

2. Homey living room


Although it is narrow, the living room looks elegant with a beautiful and neat design arrangement. To maximize storage capacity, you can install wall racks. Use wall shelves to store various items to be organized.

3. Use painting decorations


Make the plain walls look more elegant with charming painting decorations. This living room also looks luxurious with a cozy velvet sofa. The mint-toned walls and the sofa look in harmony.

4. Simple living room design


Simplicity gives a charming design. The living room above is designed simply to give the impression of a narrow feeling more spacious. Neat arrangement is also the key to designing a living room with a narrow space to keep it comfortable.

5. Use neutral colors


Tips for those of you who have a narrow living room, you can use bright neutral colors. Among them are elegant white, gray and brown wood. The combination of the colors above will make the room design looks stylish and modern.

6. Adding indoor plants 


Create a living room design that looks cool fresh by adding indoor plants. Not only to enhance the beauty, but plants can also purify the air in the room as well.

7. Gray living room


 The gray interior always features a stylish design. The gray sofa stands out combined with the interior of the pure white walls. While the plants in the corner manages to sweeten the room.

That's 7 small apartments living room design and decor ideas to turn cramped into cozy. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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