Make Your Home More Stylish with The Boho Scandi Trend -- Homes with the Boho Scandi style are indeed trending, so many people are starting to change their interiors with this contemporary style. The combination of natural colors will make the main attraction of this boho-scandi style home interior. In addition to color, the selection of furniture is also an important part of a house with this style. To maximize your home decor, check out the following article about Make Your Home More Stylish with The Boho Scandi Trend.



Living room idea

The living room owned by this house looks elegant with the right color selection. The arrangement with this L-shaped layout will make the space wider and make the room look wider. Decorations with wood and rattan nuances will be a very appropriate touch to bring out a Bohemian style in the room.



Dining table idea


Switch to the dining room, it looks fresher by placing some plants around it. You can choose a larger size so that it can be a view that spreads throughout the room. The selection of furniture on the dining table also looks harmonious with the wooden floor. While the chairs are chosen with a simple style to make it look well blended.

White kitchen

The white color in this kitchen looks dominant so that it makes the kitchen look cleaner and more spacious. The touch of wood on the surface of the kitchen table can help give it a more attractive appearance and not to be boring. In addition to using a wall cabinet, you can also maximize the arrangement of items by using wooden shelves on the wall.

Coffee corner

This house also has a coffee corner, which is made in a simple style and doesn't take up much space. A small table with high chairs makes it look like a cool bar table at a glance. You can also save more space by using a wall shelf to store several jars of coffee and sugar.

Bedroom idea

This house's bedroom has a white color scheme throughout. This can give the room a cleaner appearance and make it appear brighter. Use windows or skylights to increase the amount of light in the room. This will be very useful in small rooms.

Bathroom with plants

While the bathroom is small, it looks comfortable and beautiful thanks to clever furniture placement. Additional vertical wall hooks will come in handy for your wet towels. Don't forget to add some plants for a fresh look.

Outdoor space

In addition to the interior, this house has a relaxing outdoor space. You can add to the sofa's comfort by using it as furniture. You can also cover the walls and roof to create more shade.

That's Make Your Home More Stylish with The Boho Scandi Trend for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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