Shade-loving Houseplant: 7 Low-Light Houseplants

Shade-loving Houseplant: 7 Low-Light Houseplants -- Not every room in the house receives direct and full sunlight. But that doesn't mean your isn't bright and must remain empty. If your have solution, perhaps using ornamental plants in several rooms of the house, such as the hallway, office, or your bedroom, is the best option.

Make sure the plant prefers shade and requires little care. Some of these plants are listed in the 7 list below:


Spider plant


The spider plant is an extraordinary plant that deserves to be considered an ornamental plant of all time. This plant with long, bright green leaves is idea for growing indoors in low light. When you own this plant, you should known a few things; it grows well in partial sun, and a windowsill with curtain is a great place for it.

Maintain a moist and warm environment, and avoid temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.



The pothos plant is a popular ornamental plant that requires little care. This plant does best in a room with partial light and a variety of variegated leaves. Pothos thrives in shady areas with enough shade to keep the leaves fresh and green.

You can put it on the ground, but a hanging basket is the best option.



There are numerous types of philodendron that you can use as an ornamental plant in your home. This plant prefers shade and is one of the most relaxing plants for beginners. This plant requires no special care; the most important factors are sunlight, proper watering, and maintaining plant moisture.

Flame violet


Slick violet, also known as flame violet or episcia curpret, is a small annual plant. It has a beautiful South American plant with a variety of greens, oranges, and purples. You can bring indoors for window sill decoration with parsial light conditions rather than full shade.

Peace lily


The peace lily is the next plant that can thrive in dark environment. This plant grows as an ornamental plant, most often as hybrid. Can reach a height of about 1 meter and flower twice a year. This plant requires regular watering, organic matter-rich soil, and a slightly acidic pH level. 

This plant thrives in shady indoor areas and is known for its fresh green leaves.

Elephant ears


This  plant comes in a variety of colors and is known for its broad leaves and unusual heart-shape. This popular plant is a tropical plant that grows widely and prefers warm climates; however, it does not tolerate direct sunlight.

This plant thrives in  nutrient-rich soil with a dry top layer of soil.



This kalanchoe, also known as flaming katy, has beautiful orange to red flowers that bloom several times a year. This succulent plant prefers shade, is low-maintenance, and can be used as an indoor plant. For several month, place the plant in a location that provides partial shade, adequate light, and regular fertilization.

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