6 Amazing Ways To Use Sand In The Garden (Sand Hacks For Gardeners)

 Homifine.com - Enhances the soil quality with these 6 Amazing Ways To Use Sand In The Garden (Sand Hacks For Gardeners). No matter the volume of sand that you have, you can use it wisely to get a gorgeous result. Then, let's see together.

Sand Tool Sharpener


Avoid rust at your garden tool with sand. You can put the sand at a bucket or other place, then put the tools at this bucket with sand. It's important if you don't wanna lose hefty bucks in repurchasing them. 

To know, abrasive sand particles will sharpen the edges every time you'll take them out and put them back.

Use Sand as Garden Mulch


Sand can bring aesthetic at garden, and they are excellent mulch. With coarse texture changes the hydrological process and prevents the evaporation of water, it can improve the soil fertility.

Mix for Tiny Seeds


Growing plants with seeds maybe is mostly use at garden. But, if you are found for tiny seeds, it can be difficult to handle. The solution is mixed the tiny seeds with sands for alternative way. You can mix the seeds with a handful or more of sand and sprinkle them into the growing medium.

Gorgeous Sand Landscaping


Coarse sand can use for beautiful landscaping at your garden area. Like make desert concept for the example. You can grow full sun plants or desert's plants at outdoor garden. With good arrangement, and sprinkle coarse sand at the surface, it can give pretty and soothing ambience.

Mix the Sand to Improve Drainage


To know, sand can enhance the airflow in the soil, allowing the microbes to breathe and break down the organic matter into plant nutrients. The particles also can improve the drainage.

Propagating Plants in Sand


Mix the sand, peat moss, and perlite for ideal rooting medium for the loose and well-draining texture. It can allow the oxygen circulation. Besides retaining the needed moisture for root development, it perfect for propagate plants, be it cutting, seeds, and other.

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