What is the Distinction Between a Pothos and a Philodendron?

What is the Distinction Between a Pothos and a Philodendron?

Homifine.com -- Pothos and Philodendron plants are frequently confused and are popular in a variety of environments. Despite their similar appearance, these plants require a variety of growing conditions and exhibit distinct characteristics. In the following review, you can see the difference between the two plants at a glance.

Difference in taxonomy


taxonomy is the study of biological groups of plants and animals that are classified into genera and families. It has something to do with the botanical names of plants. Pothos and philodendron, for example, have distinctive names. Pothos belongs to the Epipremnum genus, and philodendron belongs to the Philodendron genus. This plant is a member of the Aroid or Araceae plant family.

Leaf texture and shape


The leaf shape is an easy way to tell the difference between pothos and philodendron. The pothos is easily distinguished by its straight shape, whereas the philodendron is more curved inward and shaped like a heart at the top.

Patioles and areial roots


Other distinctions include aerial roots, photosynthetic versus aerial roots, and philodendron petiles. Pothos have only one large aeria root per node, whereas philodendrons have multiple roots and appear more wild. Similarly, the philodendron stalk is thinner than the pothos stalk. 

New leaf and growth habits


The presence of cataphiles distinguishes pothos and philodendron. Cataphylls emerge as new philodendron leaves grow, with small leaves that wrap around to protect the new leaf as it grows. Pothos, on the other hand, grows new leaves by extending from the previous leaf.

Growing distinction


Pothos and philodendron can be distinguished if their light, soil, water, temperature, and humidity condition are similar. Philodendron can tolerate lower light levels better than pothos light levels better than pothos. Pothos also prefers slightly higher temperatures than philodendron. Both type of plants can be propagated by cuttings and produce offsets for plant propagation. Pothos is the most drought tolerant.

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