Do You Want to Make an Urban Jungle in Your Kitchen?

Do You Want to Make an Urban Jungle in Your Kitchen? -- Do you want to decorate your kitchen to look like a living room, with everything looking natural? Even if you can be more creative, using ornamental plants in any room, including the kitchen, can be beneficial. Ornamental plants can serve as both regular natural cleaners and exotic kitchen decorations. Choose an urban jungle kitchen concept idea form the list below:


It is also ventilated with a glass roof


The use of decorative plant elements in the room does not rely solely on clear placement and breastfeeding. If there is no light in the kitchen, reconsider using plants. However, this concepts is very careful in its use of complex components, such as glass roofs, open windows, and the selection of wood elements as kitchen furniture that looks harmonious.

Use kitchen-friendly plants 


All types of kitchen plants. including herbal plants, can be included. Aside from benefiting and facilitating cooking activities, the aroma of these herbal plants can make the kitchen smell fresh.

You can even harmonize the appearance of the kitchen with the urban jungle concept by arranging flowers in a vase. Choose foliage plants that can grow roots for some time and place in a glass cup.

Complement the kitchen furniture


A home kitchen can look unique if the decor does not rely solely on modern furniture and expensive appliances. Using plant elements and a harmonious blend of furniture and decorations, the kitchen space will be more perfect and look refreshing. The green of the plants can be enhanced with rustic elements or natural wood materials.

Kitchen forest dense


Use vines to create a bushy kitchen design. A can be seen, the plants are arranged on the opposite side of the kitchen table rather than around it. This allows for greater convenience when cooking without being disturbed by plant overhang. You can occasionally place the plant in an empty cabinet to add to the visual appearance.

Keep the top cabinet tidy

When selecting ornamental plants for the kitchen, it is critical to consider several factors, including the placement and reach of sunlight. This plant's location is idea for use a an example because it is near the kitchen room window, where plants can easily receive light.

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