7 Beautiful Caladium for Containers and Garden Beds

Homifine.com -- Caladium is one of the popular plants for gardens and some planter boxes. When you want to have it, of course it will make you confused about choosing many very beautiful types. The following varieties will be a choice that you will like. Check out 7 Beautiful Caladium for Containers and Garden Beds that will catch your eye.

Caladium Bicolor


This bicolor variety is becoming one of the most popular and widely owned to be placed in the front garden of the house. The leaves have an attractive color with green edges and other parts are pink. This caladium also usually grows wild, so it is quite safe with little neglect.

Caladium Candidum


This plant is also commonly known as angel wings because it has an amazing white color. The heart-shaped leaves also have a green stripe that makes them appear more dimensional. This variety likes shaded areas with not full sun.

Caladium Fannie Munson


 If you want a container full of pink, you'll love this variety. Soft pink leaves, have a sharper pink line. You can plant the same type in one container, or it can be combined with other pink caladium.


Caladium Lindenii


 Having a graceful and elegant appearance, this caladium will also be a very suitable houseplant decoration. At first glance it has the same color as alocasia which has dark green with light lines. It will be very beautiful if you place it in containers without other plant combinations and let it look amazing.



Caladium Miss Muffet


 Having the same leaf shape as caladium in general, this variety looks beautiful with a fresh lime color. Reddish pink splashes are also unique to this one plant.



Caladium Spring Fling


This caladium leaf has an embossed and thin texture. The pink color is even more stunning with the green stripes and some splashed parts. You can combine it with white caladium candidum to be planted in a garden bed.



Caladium Thai Beauty


This Thai Beauty Caladium has a heart leaf shape with a pointed tip. The combination of pink, green, and white colors makes it look more unique and will be a stunning touch for your garden bed.





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