7 Flowering Houseplants For Exciting Indoor Blooms

 Homifine.com - Talk about houseplant, many of them have unique and attractive foliage and commonly select to improve home decoration. Besides their leaves, many houseplants can bloom with beautiful flowers. 

It can make pretty and colorful vibes if you put at indoor area. See these 7 Flowering Houseplants For Exciting Indoor Blooms that can make inspire. Check it out!

African violet


African violet is the one of houseplant that lovely to collect at home. Their ability to flower reliably, despite a little neglect or a missed watering, perfect for beginner. 

This compact plant can grow in bright indirect light and can handle a bit less and still flower. 



Stand out foliage there are waxy, thick leaves in a range of colors and variegation patters, make Hoya perfect to equip your indoor garden. Hoya can grow well in a range condition. 

With their juicy leaves, they can survive for long periods without any care. If you want Hoya to flower, ensure placed in a high light area, like near window and avoid overwatering.



Perfect use for bouquet, Hydrangea also can grow at indoor. Hydrangea that grow at outdoor, can tolerate light shade, but at indoor need plenty of light (not intense, direct sunlight). 

Water the Hydrangea houseplant frequently when the plant is blooming, but be careful not to overwater.

Abutilon pictum


Abutilon pictum or flowering maple can grow at indoor as well. You can put it in a placed with full sun to very light shade in moist and well draining soil medium. Light shade placement will prevent wilting during the hottest parts of the day.



Has red color for the flower, it can make colorful your indoor. Besides red, Poinsettia have many other color options. Some are even multicolored or display wonderful patterns and textures that light up any space they are placed in.

Christmas cactus


Christmas cactus is beloved for its delicate pink blooms on long, green cactus-like leaves. The flower of this houseplant, triggered by cold weather, producing blooms over autumn and winter. You can place this houseplant at high light spot.



The Hibiscus flowers are undoubtedly the star of the show, having no fights with foliage for attention. They can bloom in many captivating colors, from bright orange to deep red, or a mix of them all in one flower. 

The Hibiscus species to grow at indoor can use for a Chinese Hibiscus that use to tropical conditions and will grow well at indoor. These plants need direct sunlight to flower reliably.

Thank you for reading 7 Flowering Houseplants For Exciting Indoor Blooms, I hope you can inspire and apply by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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