7 Best of Beautiful Peperomia Varieties

Homifine.com -- Peperomia is known as a perennial plant and is widely admired as an ornamental plant with beautiful and varied leaves. More than 1000 varieties are known in the botanical world and some are known as popular ornamental plants. For a Peperomia you'll love, check out 7 Best of Beautiful Peperomia Varieties.


Peperomia Watermelon


You already know why this plant is called Peperomia watermelon. Yes, because the leaves resemble watermelon skin. When you have it, water it after the topsoil has dried and place it in a warm, moist environment.

Peperomia Rubella


This pepperomia has a beautiful leaf color and appears smaller and denser. It has a green color on top and a stunning ruby red color on the bottom. Placing it in a small pot will make it appear full of the pot and will be a pleasing decoration. 

Peperomia Prostrata


Because of the appearance of the leaves, which resemble turtle shells, this plant is also known as the string of turtles. The small size of the leaves makes it ideal for a neatly kept corner of the room, and it can also be used as a hanging plant. Because this plant prefers both direct and indirect light, place it near a window.


Peperomia Turboensis


The pattern is similar to that of a watermelon, but this pepperomia has sharper details, such as leaf shapes with pointed ends. The silver color on the leaves makes it stand out and appealing. This plant can live without fertilizer, but if you want it to grow faster, fertilize once a month.


Peperomia Schumi Red


 This variety will provide you with a one-of-a-kind plant appearance. Colors of the textured leaves include burgundy, purple-black, and dark green. Give this plant enough sunlight so that it can grow properly. Dropping leaves can also indicate that the plant is not getting enough sunlight or is getting too much water.



Peperomia Rana Verde


The vibrant color of the leaves will entice you to keep it as a beautiful house plant. This plant, in addition to having fresh green leaves, has red stems that make it stand out. You must collect it right away.


Peperomia Metallica


This Peperomia metallica will look lovely as an ornamental plant in your home. The red and burgundy green leaves have a glossy surface. Watering too frequently and splashing the leaves will cause plant damage. Wipe the leaves clean to keep them shiny.

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