Six Popular Plants that Look Beautiful in a Vase

7 Popular Plants that Look Beautiful in a Vase -- You may find it convenient to propagate plants using stem cuttings, leaves, or other methods. Especially if you choose to place plants in water in a flower vase. Flower vases are an excellent way to display plants grown from cuttings. You can decorate the water by adding some pebbles. See six of plants suitable for flowers vases at home.

Trailing plant


Succulent are among the plants that are rarely placed in vases. However, this method produce stunning visuals with trailing plants such as string of pearls, trailing dolphino, and others. Place the plant in a flower vase with a high neck to allow the roots to grow well. And change the water once a week to keep moss and algae at bay.



Plant with purple leaves, dark green hues, and a few fine hairs on the surface of the leaves can look lovely not only in soil-filled pots. Water propagation in a vase like this allows you to grow.


Aside from that, there are vines with oval leaves that are shiny and have a wax coating that look great in a flower vase. In water, you can grow in a new and simple way. Simply cu the mature stems, clean the bottom leaves, and leave only a few petioles. Allow some time for the roots of this plant to grow.



This plant with fresh green foliage and distinctive fingering is very easy to care for. Even better when arranged in a vase. It can also be expanded in water or propagated.

Spider plant


A spider plant is a plant that would do well in a vase filled with water. Simply remove the root ball from this plant, separate the stem and soil, and place it in this vase.



Not only be one of the simplest ornamental plants to cultivate. This plant can also be used  as a table decoration in a vase filled with water. This plant's heart-shaped leaves would make an excellent birthday present for a friend.


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