7 Balcony Garden that Teach "Grow More in Less Space"

Homifine.com -- Turning a balcony into a garden will be an element that beautifies your home and creates a corner that you will love. No more need to leave the house to check your favorite plants. For some balcony garden ideas you'll love, check out 7 GBalcony Garden that Teach "Grow More in Less Space".



Lush plants

This elongated balcony will house many of your plants and provide you with a comfortable space to care for them. Choose plants that are diverse and shady so that you can enjoy the most natural light. Plants that thrive in bright light will thrive on the balcony.

Refreshing green garden

As an exterior decoration, balconies with glass railings will make your garden look new. The green plants chosen will be ideal for dominating this small balcony. Not only can you grow ornamental plants in pots, but you can also grow a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Use rack for plants

Narrow balconies should not deter you from creating a fresh and pleasant garden. To keep your plants neatly organized, use vertical shelves. Keep the remaining space clear so you can easily see and water your plants.

Place on railing

Flowers will grow on your balcony if there is enough light. In addition to arranging it on the balcony floor, you can also arrange it on the balcony railing to save space. A few box planters filled with flowers will draw the attention of anyone who comes across your balcony.

Simple and neat

Although simple, this balcony will add a sense of freshness to your home. Placing plants on the wall is a creative idea that will allow the balcony to remain open. Additionally, keep the plants neatly arranged in the area adjacent to the wall.

Add wooden chair

This balcony will be an excellent accompaniment to your weekend relaxation. This balcony has space for wooden chairs to relax due to the proper arrangement of plants. Provide plants that will cover the balcony and keep it shaded.

Amazing landscape

This final balcony idea would be ideal for changing the look of your yard. Many people will be left speechless and in awe by stunning landscaping. With the addition of some potted trees and plants, you can create a dry garden. A dry garden will clean up the balcony and make it easier to maintain.

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