7 DIY Planters Ideas Using Used Items in Your Home

Homifine.com -- Don't throw away things that you think don't work. Turn them into reusable items like planters for your many plants. There are many ideas that you can use to reuse your used items. For some ideas for recycling into planters, check out 7 DIY Planters Ideas Using Used Items in Your Home.

Use ball


If you have used balls that have been damaged and are not being used, don't throw them away. Drill holes in the balls to include soil and plants, so you have a unique plant ball. If you want unlocked water inside the ball, don't forget to make small holes in the ball.

Wood waste


The leftover wood that you have in the warehouse will be annoying if you don't use it into something useful. Make wooden pots that will make your cacti and succulents look stylish. The choice of plants with minimal watering will be very suitable for this wooden pot.

Used baskets


Plastic baskets that you will throw away instantly become beautiful pots when you fill them with dense flowers. You can make it a hanging plant that you can display on your terrace or in your backyard.

Used bottle


This used soda bottle must be familiar to you. Cut it in half and paint it in your favorite color. Top the soil with the compost mixture, and the plants are ready to fill your old bottles.

DIY used disco ball


This DIY disco ball for planters will be unique for your hanging plants. You will see another side of this disco ball because it is overgrown with plants that you have never seen before. Are you interested in having it?

Used car wheels


Used car wheels will certainly be very annoying and fill your warehouse because of their large size. You can make it a vertical garden by filling shady plants in it. Provide enough soil for plants to grow healthily. You can also give it the color you want.

Use many used items


You can fill used cups, used cans, used bowls, and many other items with herbs that you can place in the kitchen. You can't use herbs to make your cooking more delicious, but they can also repel insects, and you have a comfortable kitchen.




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