Seven Houseplants that Resemble Pothos

Seven Houseplants that Resemble Pothos -- Pothos plants are popular not only because they are easy to care for and are one of the plants that are difficult to kill. This plant comes in a variety of varieties that can add a tropical to any room. Because this plant has become popular among collectors, some of them mistakenly see the pothos that do exist. Pothos plants for rooms can be found in similar varieties.



A syngonium is a plant with leaves that resemble pothos. This creamy white plant is a sight to behold. When examined closely, this plant resembles pothos but differs in the shape of the leaves, which resembles arrows, and the veins of the leaves, which are slightly visible.

Philodendron Heart Leaf


Philodendron hederaceum is a philodendron with a heart shape that resembles pothos. Maintain the dangling look with hanging beads look with hanging breads for a more fantastic tropical room decor.

Monstera Deliciosa


Monnstera delicosa is another plant that is frequently compared to pothos. This plant resembles it, but pothos has jagged leaf grooves and is larger. Unlike the pothos, which turned out to be like cheese.

Philodendron Lemon Lime


The appearance of the leaves on this philodendron lemon lime is similar to that of pothos. This neon-inspired yellow color is ideal for hanging baskets. Look at the difference with pothos, you can combine the two around the windowsill.

Anthurium Clarinervium


Anthurium's heart-shaped leaves are also similar to those of the pothos plant. However, this anthurium is dark green in color and has visible white veins with a velvety surface.

Philodendron brasil


The Brazilian philodendron is  another pothos like cultivar. These golden yellow, white, and cream stripes resembles pothos in their variegated shapes.

Philodendron silver sword


Almost all philodendron have leaves that resemble pothos leaves, This one is silver green, ovoid, and blue in color, with thick pothos-like stems. The gleaming leaves adda touch of glitz.

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