Pretty Foliage for Amazing Houseplants -- Plants are a fascinating subject to discuss because they provide numerous benefits. Plants can not only provide a fresh atmosphere in your home, but they can also serve as a decorative accent. Some of these lovely leafy plants will be on your wish list, see Pretty Foliage for Amazing Houseplants for more information.

Iron Cross Oxalis

This plant will be very interesting for you to have because of its beautiful leaves. The combination of green and purple creates an eye-catching look. The leaves will open when exposed to the sun, and form umbrella-like buds at night. They grow well in well-drained soil and in shade.

Discorea Discolor


If you have it as a houseplant, be careful where you place it because it prefers bright light. Many people grow it on a deck or balcony that receives direct sunlight but is also shaded. The leaves have a heart shape with a unique pattern and become a one-of-a-kind house plant.

Hoya Locunosa


The green leaves may look ordinary, but what makes this plant unique is that many people grow it by forming an arch in the pot. Not only that, this plant will also have flowers that make the green leaves extraordinary


Alocasia Silver Dragon


Alocasia is also known as a beautiful leafy plant and has many amazing varieties, one of which is the silver dragon. The large leaves have a beautiful pattern. The young leaves have a light color with silver hues, and the old leaves have a darker green.

Philodendron Gloriosum


Even though it looks just green, you will be amazed by the details of the leaves that make it look beautiful. The stripes on the leaves will make this plant able to compete with other beautiful leafy plants.

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